Thank you so much for choosing me and my programme to help guide you throughout this journey to create a new you! Well FYI You’re fab already I’m going to help you see that, achieve your fitness goals and help push to heights you never knew you could reach.

Coaching is my passion and seeing people achieve their goals provides my inspiration . You’ve taken the first step by making the commitment to this 12-week programme which won’t just transform your body it will make you feel renewed and ready to take on the world. No dream is too much – if you want it let’s go get it!

You’ll start to realise very soon that my positive mantra drives everything I do – so strictly no negativity up in here. Any issues lets overcome them together. Every woman I coach is on this journey for their own reasons, their own quest for happiness and their own dream body. That’s why I encourage all my clients to support each other on their journeys and share things that have worked for them – there’s no competition up in here!

These next steps are personalised specifically to help you achieve  the goals that you set for yourself. From now I am accountable for designing the plan of how we’re going to get there. Your dedication and hard work will take you there!

Jenna X