Coaching as a career began for me in 2006 for a large international company. My passion for coaching grew when I could see the effects of self-development on leadership and senior management teams. I qualified in NLP, personality profiling and life skills. After coaching at director level and public speaking at business events I’d found my dream job. A career as a “life coach” fulfilled everything I’d ever wanted…

By the age of 24 I was earning a fab salary, loved my job and travelled all over the world. However after 8years of coaching my desire to have a family took over and by 2016 I’d had 5 kids – really? Yes 5 kids in 5 years like I had no TV at home! Working in between each child became too much and I decided to take a career break. During this time I focused purely on family life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. My time was split between my family and my love of fitness. Fitness became my new passion, creating a yummy mummy body and keeping myself healthy and strong for my children was the ultimate goal! I had bags of energy to keep up with kids, keep my house in check and look great doing it! Living my best life –eh?

I’ve met so many amazing women at the gym who were stuck in a rut and ultimately accepted that they weren’t a priority, family came first and isn’t the average UK woman a size 14?? What?? These women had no clue of their capabilities! They weren’t seeing in themselves what I could see so clearly… potential! With the right support and guidance of course you can achieve a fab figure, have an amazing family and live your best life….

But their questions always led to how? So that’s what made me go back to my career in coaching with a focus on being fit not just physically but mentally too. Fitness and Wellness go hand in hand and the only way to achieve this is through “accountability coaching” – where only you can set the goals and where the results are everything you ever dreamed of…….

Let my amazing coaching formula and my qualifications in fitness and nutrition take you on this life changing journey to fulfil yourself in ways you never knew possible.