Are all your sessions one to one or in groups? 

All of my sessions on the VIP course are one-to-one, this is as each session is tailored towards your personal goals. In groups it is not possible to tailor individual weights or target the areas you need to work on. Each VIP client is different and has different Goals so I feel exclusivity of the studio is an important factor to maintain.

Can I share my VIP Package with my Bestie?

This is considered on a case by case basis and would largely depend on whether you both have similar goals and targets. As you would be training together at the same time the workout would need to adapted to match both ability levels. This can be done in some circumstances.

I don’t want to train for the full 12 weeks – can I just train for a few weeks?

Glam-Fit is all about a complete lifestyle change. This is an intensive process and requires dedication. I’m aware of the intensity levels required to produce long lasting results and therefore I don’t promote faddy diets or Quick Fix Programmes. I only take on a small number of VIP clients so I can be dedicated to their life changing goals. I focus on my clients becoming self-sufficient once the programme is complete.

Will I definitely achieve my Goals?

All goals set are realistic based on your current body compositions and fitness levels. Providing you adhere to all the Glam-Fit Guidelines (included in your sign up pack) and attend all your Glam-Fit sessions you will smash those goals and some!

Why do you not post previous clients information online?

My studio is completely Private and Exclusive, most of my clients prefer to train that way due to medical conditions, confidentiality agreements etc. I respect my clients wishes and therefore only release clients pictures if full permission is granted. I do not record live sessions as I prefer my focus to remain on the client.

Do you offer online courses?

My online portfolio will be released in the next few months. Please follow my social media for updates!

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