Terms & Conditions

Preparation for your First Session

You should have now attended your consultation and Goal Setting Session where your initial measurements and statistics will have been taken a recorded.

  • Please do not use the scales apart from when advised to at week 4, week 8 and week 12
  • You will be advised via email your calorie allowance and it is your responsibility to keep a track of these calories using the app “My Fitness Pal”. Adherence to this is essential for maximum results however please be honest when logging daily to ensure accura Any “mishaps” will need to fall within your calorie allowance. For further clarification please ask.
  • VIP members will automatically be added to the WhatsApp group run by your Glam-Fit Coach and

all information shared in this group is considered confidential so please do not share.

  • It is your responsibility to post daily into the VIP Group a picture of one of your daily

Additionally I will share tips, recipes and details of challenges etc. The more engaged you are with this group the more ideas we can share and contribute. Again this information remains confidential and cannot be shared.

  • Please take a “before” picture before your first session. This should ideally be in your gym wear or underwear and be taken from the front, back and side ensuring your whole body is capture I can take these for you on your phone if required. This picture is entirely for yourself progression and does not need to be shared with me or anyone else. Please note I would never share pictures without prior permission.
  • Each week will include a challenge and workout sessions to be carried out at You will be expected to be working on this programme 5/7 days with 2 days of rest and recovery. On rest days eating guidelines must still be adhered too.
  • For me to be able document success and progress throughout our 12 weeks I will be regularly taking photos and sharing success’s on social This does not need to include anyone’s face etc nor do I need to mention any names. If you feel strongly about how this will be captured, please discuss with me and I will 100% comply with any of your requests
  • As this programme is new I will be continually seeking feedback from yourself to both help improve my programme and may from time to time share this information on social media with your prior permission.
  • All conversations taken place within the studio will be made with the strictest of confidence and likewise I appreciate any experiences I share to be kept confidential also.
  • The 3 life coaching sessions will be scheduled once the course commences and will be coordinated with all VIP clients to ensure all are available to attend Once confirmed and booked the dates and times will stand and therefore will not be able to be rescheduled. If you miss the session for any reason this will not be rescheduled, nor will you receive any refund.
  • Life Coaching sessions are extremely personal and confidential so please treat other VIP members with equal respect and pr
  • If at any point you’re struggling with any aspects of the course, please speak to me immediately and amendments will be made.
  • All Goals are set and agreed between you and your coach, if you feel these are not achievable please speak to me
  • Lastly our sessions are designed to be both informative and Fun so please turn up to every session fully motivated and ready to smash your goals
  • Please add my mobile number into your contacts now 07932565672

These terms and conditions apply to your purchase of all GlamFit packages and/or consultations. Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions form part of your agreement with Glam-Fit Studios Ltd.

Your agreement with us is made up of your completed and signed membership agreement form and these terms and conditions. These documents together form a legal agreement between us, so please make sure that you read them carefully and understand them. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Purchasing Sessions and Bookings

Session purchases can be made in person following a full consultation and medical sign off.

Session bookings must be made with a minimum of 1 week’s notice. For VIP sessions – 3 regular timeslots must be chosen A minimum purchase of 12 weeks sessions must be purchased and agreed to in advance


All payments must be made in full, either in person in CASH or via BACS transfer using the details below MISS JENNA RIGBY

S/C – 050621

Account Number – 70621372

All payments must be made in full prior to any sessions being undertaken.

If you purchase sessions in person, you will receive a copy of this agreement, along with a receipt for any payment of sessions you make. If you purchase via BACS Transfer, you should retain a copy of this agreement, the terms and conditions and receipt for  any payment of session purchases you make.

Session Cancellations

If your Coach fails to give you 24 hours’ prior notice of any cancellation, you will be entitled to 1 extra hour of Training, in addition to the session you missed.

We require a minimum of 24 hours’ prior notice of any cancellation of any sessions. This can be made directly through phoning or texting my personal mobile on 07932565672. If you do not provide a minimum of 24 hours’ prior notice, you may lose that session and no refund will be made to you.

Any rearranged cancelled sessions will be at a time mutually agreed between you and your Glam-FIT Coach. Cancellation of Ongoing Training

If you have completed 3 full months of Training and you choose to finish your sessions going forward, please notify us in person.

For the VIP Package it will be assumed that your course is completed after 12 weeks and any additional sessions going forward should be discussed and scheduled.


If your Coach is more than 10 minutes late for your session you will be entitled to a complimentary session, along with any remaining time you still have for that session.

If you are late for your session, your session will be reduced in accordance with that time. If you are more than 25 minutes late, your Coach may choose to cancel the session and you may lose that session, in which case no refund will be made.


You may extend and delay VIP training packages for up to one month and for the following reasons only:

  • Serious illness
  • Serious injury
  • Redundancy

Any other extensions are entirely at the discretion of the Glam-Fit Coach. Refunds

If for any medical reason you are no longer able to complete any sessions, you will be given a refund on any outstanding sessions. We may ask for you to provide proof from your GP.